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Oil Sand Lens in TMS


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AL Smackover Discovery



Cib Hazz Discovery - Flare Photo 

 LA Cib hazz Discovery




Vision Exploration, LLC is managed by Steve Walkinshaw, who utilizes 40 years of experience in 2D & 3D seismic interpretation, petrophysical analysis, and subsurface exploration to provide exploration, redevelopment and consulting services to a wide range of industry clients.  Whether you're planning to expand your exploration efforts into our core areas, or are needing technical assistance on a critical project in your area, Vision Exploration can quickly and efficiently get the job done.  Our core areas include the U.S. Gulf Coast and the Black Warrior Basin, but we can efficiently explore anywhere in the world.


Interested in our core areas?  Take time to browse our Mesozoic / Paleozoic Geological content, which includes many type logs and core photographs.

 Vision Exploration has identified and is preparing to lease a large alkali metal play in the subsurface of southern Georgia.  Contact us for more information about this exciting Green Tech play.

Vision Exploration is the only Mississippi-based independent that has served as geological and land consultant to a major Tuscaloosa Marine Shale ("TMS") operator (actually, two major TMS operators).  Steve Walkinshaw has lectured extensively on the TMS at numerous industry and academic venues.  To learn more about the TMS Trend, click here.  The TMS and Lower Smackover Brown Dense Lime ("BDL") Trends are two examples of unconventional oil (and gas) resource plays that have been recently been targeted in our core area.  Vision has been very active in both Trends - a unique distinction among Mississippi-based independents - and has identified other unexploited unconventional resource plays, including a new geopressured Mooringsport / Ferry Lake oil play and the multi-TCF extension of a prolific geopressured Lower Cotton Valley (LCV) gas play.  Interested in the true potential of the fractured / geopressured Austin Chalk in Vision's core area?  Steve Walkinshaw has cut through the recent hype and provided valuable guidance to many companies that were considering investment in the Eastern Austin Chalk Trend.  Disappointed by the recent failures of large independents in the area?  You shouldn't be.

Interested in the Lower Smackover Brown Dense Lime ("BDL") Trend?  Curious as to why the first efforts to establish the BDL as a significant unconventional resource play failed?  Would it surprise you to learn that unstimulated vertical BDL completions in Vision's core area have flowed as much as 2,346 BOPD + 2.3 million cubic feet of gas per day?  Steve Walkinshaw has been lecturing on the enormous potential (and the pitfalls) of BDL exploration since 2011.  The BDL is best viewed as a "hybrid" unconventional oil & gas trend.  Click here to learn more.  Vision is also looking for third-party participation in its efficient (Geothermal +) GPGT Project.  To learn more, click here.


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Vision Exploration's consulting, mapping and marketing services are considered by many to be the best in the industry.  So is our ability to take old oil and gas fields apart and identify the significant reserve potential that remains.  Read what many of our clients and associates have to say about our company.

Vision Exploration uses IHS Kingdom's Geophysics software, along with its VuPak, GeoSyn and Rock Solid Attributes modules for its geophysical interpretation, and uses Neuralog's Neurascan and Neuralog software for rasterization, digitization and LAS file generation.  We also utilize ESRI's ArcMap and CGG-Jason's PowerLog (PowerBench) petrophysical analysis software, incorporating industry-standard algorithms as well as our own proprietary petrophysical algorithms, based upon 40 years of log analysis.

Vision Exploration is proudly based in Madison, Mississippi (Madison is located just north of Jackson, the capitol); click here to learn more about Madison (estimated median household income in 2017: $103,684; estimated median house or condo value in 2017: $281,422).  If you live in (or are familiar with) the greater Houston, Texas area, a good comparison would be this: Madison's relationship to Jackson is very analogous to The Woodlands' relationship to Houston.

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