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We've worked really hard to establish our company as a quiet leader in innovative exploration and development.  Since Vision's humble beginnings in 2000, the company has grown to become one of the most active, influential and experienced non-operating independents in the U.S. Gulf Coast.  But attaining this achievement doesn't mean we've ever compromised our ethics, diligence, and work product.  We haven't, and we never will.

Of course, our stating these principles is one thing.  Reading what many of our clients and associates have to say about our company is just as important.

"Vision Exploration LLC is a one-stop shop for oil and gas exploration. Steve Walkinshaw and his crew handle it all: land, contracts, graphics, geology, geophysics, and well site work. I have joint-ventured with Vision since its inception on large exploration projects involving 3D seismic, and have found their work to be exceptional: comprehensive, dependable, up-to-date, timely, and thorough. And most important, Steve Walkinshaw is a class act. His knowledge, reliability, and integrity are unmatched. Vision Exploration LLC does it all, and does it right."

 - S. Pfiester, WAAPF Ltd.  

"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Vision Exploration to anyone seeking professional state-of-the-art advice on any facet of oil and gas exploration.  I have known Steve Walkinshaw longer than anyone in the oil and gas exploration profession, bar none.  I was Division Geologist for Forest Oil Corporation in 1980 when I hired Steve as an intern to work in our Jackson, Mississippi office.  Steve was just beginning his senior year at a local private college pursuing his degree in geology.  It didn’t take long to realize that Steve was an above-average student and that petroleum geology was his passion.   After a casual conversation regarding oil and gas exploration, I could see the desire to do more in geology and maybe less in the day-to-day, mundane office routine.  I for the most part threw Steve in the ditch with an exploitation project in a field in which Forest maintained some leases.  Given little more than a few picks on a log and a general description of what was needed, he disappeared for a few days.  Then Steve walked into my office one afternoon with a huge three-ring binder and a gleam in his eye.  I was presented reservoir maps, structure maps, cross-sections, type logs, completion data, production data, land maps, scout cards, core analyses, well performance data, a professional presentation, and a recommendation for three wells.  We actually used his work to make our decisions, and the project turned out to be a home run.  His first geologic project completed while a senior in college... and it was absolutely remarkable.

Steve’s work ethic has not changed over these past forty-two years.  As a matter of fact, it has become more technically driven.  Steve is competent in 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, supervision of data acquisition, and processing.  He uses state of the art software to guide his interpretations and you can rest assured you will never get an "off the shelf" or "canned" result.  Each project is treated as a challenge and his interpretations are the very best that can be made.  The same can be said for his wellsite work.  He uses the most up-to-date software for log analysis and his recommendations can be trusted. In short, Steve demands the very best of himself in any project he works on.  Clients can rest assured that the work, recommendations, etc. are made in the strictest of confidence.  Vision Exploration has been successful over the past twenty-two years by delivering the very best of the best in a timely, comprehensive package.

Steve’s desire is to provide the very best in graphics, exhibits, land, legal, and recommendations to all clients.  You may rest assured that any and all aspects of your project will be handled in a professional manner.   In summary, anyone needing advice on any phase of oil and gas exploration should contact Vision Exploration.  Vision’s clients will receive the very best there is to offer from a highly technical staff ready to evaluate the individual needs of a potential trend, prospect, or idea."

- J. Marble, Division Director (Retired), Mississippi Office of Geology

"Rosson Exploration Company congratulates Vision Exploration, LLC on its 20-year anniversary of being in the business of oil and gas exploration, production, and development.  Rosson Exploration is also proud to have been involved with the Vision Exploration team in numerous exploration projects over the past seven or eight years. Each project has required an enormous amount of research, log analysis, interpretation and presentation to bring to a successful conclusion with the drilling of the initial well. Steve Walkinshaw’s ability to develop and present geological and geophysical maps of his interpretations to investors is outstanding.  Vision Exploration also has the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of well site work while drilling a well, including the evaluation of all logs at total depth and recommendations for the completion of the well. The most important aspect of working with the Vision Exploration team is that all work is done very professionally with complete honesty and integrity.  I will continue to look forward to working with the Vision Exploration team  on future projects."

- B. Rosson, Rosson Exploration Company (2020)

"Vision Exploration has been our preferred geological and geophysical consultant since 2002, when we first contracted with them to provide mapping and marketing services in both the Smackover Trend of Southeast Mississippi and the Black Warrior Basin of Northeast Mississippi.  We were so pleased and impressed by the level of experience, the technical ability (geological mapping, geophysical mapping, log analysis, presentations)  and the highest levels of ethics and integrity demonstrated and provided by Vision in that initial experience that we have since utilized Vision's services whenever and wherever possible."

- D. Lambert, Petro-Pro, LLC      

"In 2003, at our request Vision Exploration committed to perform a geological study and reservoir evaluation of the 22 mile-long Langsdale/Gilbertown Field Complex located in Choctaw County, AL.  This 350-well, eight-reservoir project was completed on time and in textbook fashion because of the tenacity of Vision’s staff and their commitment to deliver studies that exhaust every opportunity to collect and evaluate data.  Upon completion we were delivered an in-depth geological presentation that instilled in us an unyielding confidence in our properties and the future direction we needed to take for the enhancement of oil production. Vision’s sincerity in all that they do is but one part of the cornerstone of their success and is one reason why we look forward to working with Vision on future projects."

- A.W. Greer & C. Gatlin, Field Management, LLC