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This section of Vision's website is dedicated to the presentation of drilling prospects and topics of interest that currently appeal to our technical staff.  Information regarding the provision of oil & gas prospect presentations is intended not for the general public but for SEC-accredited, sophisticated and experienced investors in the upstream oil & gas industry.  All visitors to this site are reminded that this website and its contents are provided solely for informative purposes; as such, the information provided does not represent either investment advice or an offer to buy or sell securities. Potential investors are strongly advised to consult a qualified professional oil and gas industry advisor before making any decision regarding participation in any exploration prospect or oil & gas venture.  That being duly noted, we hope you enjoy viewing our presentations, and remind you to read our Disclaimer.

Steve Walkinshaw is also the host of the popular Oil Patch Quiz series on LinkedIn, with over 1.9 million views as of July 2022.


Vision Exploration is currently marketing working interest participation in a number of conventional drilling prospects located in Louisiana, South Mississippi and South Alabama.  In our opinion, these prospects represent attractive investment opportunities.  The following is a brief description of each prospect; if you are an experienced, SEC-accredited investor*, please contact us for more information regarding the prospect(s) you may be interested in.

163 BCF Bypassed Pay (Redrill) Prospect, South Mississippi - Vision intends to redrill a well that encountered 100 net feet of bypassed gas pay in a deep gas reservoir in an established oil & gas field.  The contemplated redrill well is projected to I.P. at 30-50 MMCFGPD, produce at a sustained monthly rate of 1 BCF/month, and capture the entire 160 BCF.  Even at a net $1/MMBtu, such a completion would throw off $1,000,000/month and pay out the completed well and the related lease costs in approximately one year.

18 MMBO / 18 BCF Prospect , South Alabama - good oil shows were mudlogged in the both the Upper and Middle Smackover porosity lenses in a key show well for the Prospect, which are correlative to their equivalent strata at the prolific Little Cedar Creek and Brooklyn Fields, on Trend; a recently-drilled updip dry hole, indicated by diamond cores and dipmeter to represent a “near miss”, also encountered oil shows in a tight remnant of the Middle Smackover porosity, and clearly demonstrates the existence of a significant trap.

 16.8 MMBO / 840 MMCF ByPassed Pay (Redrill) Prospect , South Alabama - good oil shows were mudlogged in the Upper Smackover porosity in two key show wells for the Prospect, which are interpreted to represent bypassed pay and are full-to-base. Nine 2D seismic lines have been licensed and reprocessed and clearly delineate both an anticlinal closure (with good Upper Jurassic structural growth and timing), hosting the two key wells, and a potentially large stratigraphic trap.  The Prospect is the only Little Cedar Creek and Brooklyn Fields analog available for third-party participation that incorporates two wells with bypassed oil pay.

2.3 MMBO / 6.6 BCF 3D-Defined Attic Oil Prospect , South Louisiana - the Prospect contemplates the re-entry and sidetrack of a cased well (well above any previous completion) to target a 3D-defined attic oil reservoir that has strong (geopressured) water drive.  An initial oil completion is forecasted to potentially flow more than 1,000 BOPD. Synthetic seismogram work, augmented by Vision’s considerable experience in the area (Vision’s recent 3D-derived discoveries in Oligocene Cib hazz and Het  “MT” Sand reservoirs), indicates the targeted reservoir can be directly mapped using the available 3D seismic data, and Vision can provide several productive analogs in support of its subsurface/seismic correlations and synthetic work.

* By contacting Vision Exploration and requesting the opportunity to view one or more of Vision's Prospect presentation(s), you are acknowledging and agreeing that (i) in making any decisions regarding participation in the proposed venture, you will rely on independent investigations made by you and your representatives, including your own professional tax, technical and business advisors and (ii) you and your representatives understand and agree that Vision Exploration is providing and has provided you the opportunity to examine all relevant documents and to ask questions of, and to receive answers from Vision Exploration or any person(s) acting on its behalf concerning the Prospect presentation(s), and to obtain any additional information necessary to verify the accuracy of the information provided.   You acknowledge and agree that the oil and gas business is highly speculative and that Vision Exploration has made no representations to you or anyone else that production will be obtained from any Prospect, or as to the possibility of gain or the avoidance of loss with respect to any Prospect.  You also acknowledge and agree that you are an experienced SEC-accredited investor, familiar with the risks of investing in oil and gas drilling ventures, and agree to immediately destroy any digital prospect data provided to you by Vision Exploration if you elect not to participate in that prospect.  Receiving such digital prospect data from Vision Exploration does not provide the viewer with any rights whatsoever to duplicate, distribute, or otherwise use said data for any purpose other than the viewer's sole intent of reviewing said prospect.  All digital data provided by Vision Exploration that is not in the public domain is and shall remain the sole property of Vision Exploration.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and compliance.


Vision has recently added new geological presentations on the unconventional Brown Dense Lime ("BDL") and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale ("TMS") Plays.  These unconventional oil and gas plays extend into or across portions of Mississippi and Vision has identified what it believes to be the "sweet spots" crucial to commercial production in both of these nascent trends. 

[On May 16, 2012, Steve Walkinshaw served as Presenter for the Lower Smackover Brown Dense Unconventional Oil Trend at Hart Energy's Third Annual DUO (Developing Unconventional Oil) Conference, held in Denver, Colorado.  The title of the presentation was "The Lower Smackover Brown Dense Lime Trend: A View From 30,000 Feet".  Since the DUO Conference, Steve has reprised the presentation (in a greatly expanded format) before many regional Geological Societies, including the Shreveport Geological Society (SGS), the Lafayette Geological Society (LGS), the New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS), and the Mississippi Geological Society (MGS); as well as the Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen (MAPL) and  the Emerging Shale Plays USA 2013 and 2014 Conferences, held in Houston, Texas.]

 In 2018, Steve published “The Jackson Gas Rock, a Unique Upper Cretaceous (Selma Chalk) Lithofacies, Mississippi”, which was recently awarded the 2018 First Place Thomas A. Philpott Excellence of Presentation Award by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS).  Please contact Steve Walkinshaw to arrange for his presentation of this award-winning paper at your venue.  Presentations pertaining to the BDL and the TMS are also available.

In 2020, Steve presented “The Lower Smackover Brown Dense Limestone: Its Potential as a Hybrid Unconventional Resource Play” at the 2020 Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS; aka GeoGulf) Convention in Shreveport, Louisiana, October, 2020. This presentation was subsequently awarded the 2020 Second Place Thomas A. Philpott Excellence of Presentation Award by GCAGS.

Steve has also presented on innovative Carbon Capture and Sequestration ("CCS"); in April 2022, he presented “The Geology of the Deeply Carbon Negative Louisiana Green Fuels CCS Project, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana” to the Shreveport Geological Society, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Steve's geological research and illustrations focusing on the Paleozoic of the western Black Warrior Basin and the geology of the Jackson Dome were featured prominently in the recently-published reference book, The Geology of Mississippi (Thompson/Dockery, 2016, University Press).


Interested in viewing sample 3D and 2D lines across many areas of Mississippi?  Steve Walkinshaw, as Webmaster for the Mississippi Geological Society, has posted fourteen 3D and 2D seismic lines covering the State on the Society's website (built and maintained by Vision Exploration).  These sample lines were contributed by Seismic Exchange and annotated by Steve Walkinshaw.  To view these 3D and 2D lines, please click here.