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This website and its contents are provided solely for informative purposes.

As such, the information provided does not represent either investment advice or an offer to buy or sell securities. Potential investors are strongly advised to consult a qualified professional oil and gas industry advisor before making any decision regarding participation in any exploration prospect or oil & gas venture. We have made every effort to post and maintain accurate and timely information on this website. However, Vision Exploration does not warrant the accuracy of any and all such information, which may be changed, deleted, or updated without notice. Links to other external websites posted on the pages of this site are provided solely for informative purposes and do not represent any endorsement of, or association with, those websites; accordingly, in no event will Vision Exploration be liable for any claim of damages of any kind related to the use of this website or any linked third party website, or the contents posted within each website. This entire website Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.  The Vision Exploration Logo is trademarked with the USPTO and will be defended against trademark infringement and/or unauthorized use.  We vigorously defend our intellectual property. The derivative use of the code or contents of this site is EXPRESSLY prohibited.

Investing in oil and gas exploration and production can be very exciting and financially rewarding; it can also, in certain regrettable circumstances, lead to the loss of one's total investment. This is certainly possible if one were to invest in a drilling program that focuses, for example, exclusively on rank wildcat drilling (Vision's Program focuses primarily on lower risk - type prospects). It is critically important for the potential investor to be fully informed and knowledgeable about not only the oil and gas business in general but also the reputation and track record of the company seeking their investment. Our reputation speaks for itself. Contact us if you have further questions, or to request references.

Regarding Prospect Assembly

Every experienced oil and gas investor or company understands that the passage of time and the decline of the domestic industry has made it increasingly difficult for small companies like Vision Exploration to acquire complete records for each and every well within a potentially prospective area. Vision diligently attempts to gather as much data as possible prior to the onset of any exploratory efforts on one of its prospects. In addition, should anecdotal (verbal) accounts provided to Vision from other persons or entities regarding a well or prospect appear to be credible and verifiable, Vision shall reference that anecdotal information in its prospect summaries.

In certain instances - for example, while leasing in a competitive area - the critical need for confidentiality may actually prevent Vision from requesting or obtaining well data from certain sources, either because: (1) the person or company that possesses the data would, if tipped off to Vision's lease activities in the area (by Vision's specific inquiry or request for well data), actively enter the competition for leases in that area, or (2) the person or company that possesses the data is actively competing with Vision for leases in the prospect area, and is deliberately withholding the data in order to retain what is perceived to be a competitive advantage.

Finally, because of friendships, prior working relationships, or other associations not known to Vision, another industry professional or company may possess or have the ability to acquire well data otherwise not available to Vision. For whatever reason, such a person or company representative may choose not to share that data - or even the knowledge that he possesses it - with Vision, or may verbally share (i.e., "remember") anecdotal information in an ambiguous or unverifiable "recollection" that provides little or no credible information to Vision.

The purpose of this discussion is to emphasize that Vision Exploration makes a good faith effort to diligently acquire any and all well data for a prospect prior to the proposal and later marketing of that prospect under the terms and conditions of our Exploration Contract. Any credible well data not included by Vision in a prospect presentation should be understood to have been unavailable - for one or several of the reasons noted above - to Vision at the time of the proposal.

Should any credible and verifiable well data become available after the assembly of a prospect has commenced, Vision shall immediately advise Participants of the new information, but cannot and shall not be held responsible for any delays incurred in acquiring that data prior to the time it was received - and, in the case of ambiguous or anecdotal verbal information (gossip, etc.) - thoroughly verified.

About Vision's Unrisked Reserve Estimates (Provided in Some Prospect Presentations)

In attempting to quantify the "upside", or maximum possible recoverable reserve potential of a drilling prospect, Vision Exploration endeavors to make a good faith estimate of the maximum "unrisked" volume of oil and gas that could possibly be extracted from that prospect reservoir under optimum conditions. The probability of finding this optimal volume of oil and gas within the target reservoir depends upon many risk factors. Reservoir quality and quantity, seal, structural timing, hydrocarbon source issues, faulting, and the availability of 3D seismic data over the target are but a few of the many risk factors that typify each and every drilling prospect. Vision Exploration attempts to minimize each risk factor by concentrating on bypassed pay targets, 3D prospects updip of good oil or gas shows, and other Ideal Prospects. As before, however, the investor is reminded that the occasional dry hole is to be expected, despite our best efforts.

With all drilling proposals, therefore, one is provided with the full range of potential return on investment: from nil (dry hole) to huge (high side estimate). As we've noted above, all investors are strongly advised to consult a qualified professional oil and gas industry advisor before making any decision regarding participation in any exploration prospect or oil & gas venture.


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