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A young (circa 1981) Steve Walkinshaw pointing to the spectacularly preserved giant crinoid assemblage  (Lias eps.) exhibited at the University of Tubingen Museum, Germany


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Short-staffed and needing immediate assistance?  Is a lot of valuable 3D seismic data simply "sitting on the shelf" and in need of interpretation?  We can assist you with a wide variety of services, either on a reasonable dayrate or contract basis.  Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and integrity.  And please read what some of our clients and associates have to say about our work.  For a more in-depth discussion of the software we use and are familiar with, click here.  To read some Case Histories pertaining to our previous consulting work, please click here.

Steve Walkinshaw's 41 years of industry experience include work on projects located in Colombia, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, as well as much of the United States.  Steve conducted his undergraduate field geology studies in the Jura Mountains of northern Switzerland, mapping the "combs" (breached surface anticlines) of the type-section locale for the Jurassic, including the Hauptrogenstein Formation.  Like the Middle Eastern Arab Formation, the Late-Jurassic Hauptrogenstein Formation is very analogous to the Smackover Formation of the U.S. Gulf Coast; geomorphology and diagenesis is similar, and the geological, geophysical and petrophysical methods used to explore for and develop these Late-Jurassic carbonates is virtually identical.  Steve Walkinshaw has studied the Lower Smackover Brown Dense Lime extensively; its Middle East counterpart is considered one of the most prolific source rocks in the world.  The point of this discussion is simple: utilizing the Internet and high-bandwidth fiber, Vision can leverage its experience to explore for oil and gas anywhere in the world.  Let us help you.


Regional or Sub-Regional Studies (not limited to our core areas; may be applied to any area)

Field Studies (detailed structural, isopach, isolith mapping; net porosity, net pay mapping)

Volumetric Reservoir Calculations (planimetering; OOIP/OGIP; EUR; remaining recoverable reserves)

Cross Section and/or Fence Diagram Construction (either individual or combined with other work)

Well Planning (directional wellpath design, detailed drilling prognoses, completion advisories)

Wellsite Supervision (coring, logging, recommendations regarding casing point elections)

Petrophysical Analysis (using CGG's PowerLog and/or our own proprietary algorithms)

Prospect Generation (focused on a client's leasehold or area of interest)

Expert Witness Testimony & Exhibit Preparation (federal / state / oil & gas regulatory agency)

Evaluation of Third-Party Prospect Submittals ("deal screening")

NAPE Exhibit Preparation and Exhibition (conceptual design and presentation to third parties)

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project Work (maps and exhibits construction; regulatory permits / applications)


3D and 2D Seismic Interpretation (utilizing IHS Kingdom 2021 and VuPak, or client's software)

3D Coherence Attribute Generation / Interpretation (utilizing IHS Kingdom Rock Solid Attributes ("RSA"))

Synthetic Seismogram Generation (utilizing Neuralog, Powerlog and IHS Kingdom Geosyn 2)

3D Seismic Survey Acquisition - Design Collaboration and Management (can include interpretation of acquired survey)

2D and 3D Data Loading (with IHS Kingdom Project export)

Evaluation of Third-Party Interpretations (discrete and confidential seismic review)

NAPE Exhibit Preparation and Exhibition (conceptual design and presentation to third parties)


Oversight of Prospect or Trend Lease Acquisition (including detailed LPR's)

Review or Drafting of Lease / Option / Farmout / Confidentiality Agreements (experience matters)

Lease Map Construction (accurately drafted from original base maps)

Permitting (federal / state / oil & gas regulatory agency)

NAPE Exhibit Preparation and Exhibition (conceptual design and presentation to third parties)


Base Map Construction ("from scratch", utilizing the most accurate plats/surveys/records)

Regulatory Exhibit Preparation (in support of permitting or Expert Witness testimony)

Cross Section Drafting (structural, stratigraphic, rescaled rasters, core data integration)

Fence Diagram Drafting (parallel or perspective)

Complete "Paper" Prospect Packaging (includes maps, cross sections, and brochure)

Complete "Paperless" Prospect Packaging (includes maps, cross sections, and digital distribution)